Sunday, May 01, 2011

Marketing to the Minority Communities: Identifying gaps and new opportunities

As a growing adult, I found it quite difficult to mingle with boys of my age. The simple reason being that they all centered on “bollywood” or “cricket”. There were hardly any other things discussed and even if I initiated such a discussion, it was either considered too big or something to be joked about. I am sure everywhere you will come across such people who do not associate themselves with the mainstream interests of men. The “minority men” or “minority women” as I would like to call them, actually are not too different. Even they have the need for excitement and entertainment. But they seek it outside these two main indulgences and thus become minorities.

And as a market segment, they surely have a different psychographic profile if not a demographic one. Marketers are increasingly beginning to cater to such segments everywhere. Cinemas like “Peepli Live” & “Taare Zameen Par”, Channels like “World Movies” are some popular examples catering to such minority communities. It is not necessary to be a minority yourself to understand this community. The World Movies channel is from the same stable which has launched “UTV Bindaas” aimed at the massive youth of India. The size of this minority community is also growing, emphasizing a need to cater to them with specialized products and services.

Is this niche marketing? This is not necessarily the same as “niche marketing”. Niche markets may still cater to smaller markets comprising of mass audience. Media offers immense opportunities in this area. Recently a popular FM radio station, created a slot for the Indian classical music on their station. The program captures the potential of this minority community, especially in those slots, where a mainstream program may not fetch the desired rating for the programs. Even Sony Pix is now beginning to air some rare movies of the world on late night slots.

Going further there will be more specialized services for the minorities.

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