Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ek Machchar Aadmi Ko: The Journey of a Mosquito Net

Let's admit it. If there's anything that a human being values today above all else, it is sleep,  a sound sleep. People would do anything to get a sound sleep - pills, drinks, smoking, reading, music and what not. 

There was a time when sleeping without trouble was not much of a trouble. But today's modern day life style makes sleeping, a big deal. Surprisingly, even after all the care is taken to ensure a sound sleep, one thing that people fail to account for and get reminded only in the night is "mosquitoes". We all know how our parents used to tie this big and ugly mosquito nets that often got entangled and required so much of tying and removing all the time. Many people despise such old mosquito nets and instead decide to sleep in the open. And that invites the attention of mosquitoes, for they detect their prey by the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Many instances of  Malaria, Dengue, Filaria and other diseases like skin cancer etc are often caused because people refuse to use mosquito nets. After the arrival of mosquito repellents children are more exposed to the risk of asthma, lung and respiratory problems.

comfort mosquito net 1
It is in such a scenario that a company decided to produce a mosquito net that you will fall in love with. After a comprehensive study of consumers and the problems they faced with the usage of old ones, they decided to build a mosquito net that solves multiple problems of users. It requires no tying, no removing, minimal washing, it can be folded easily and carried as a back pack. As the diagram here shows, it is a simple yet effective use of Engineering principles.

Aptly called the Comfort Mosquito Net, the design has been made so simple that even a child can operate it easily. This beautifully designed mosquito net is now a trend among consumers who not only use it for sleeping but also to read and do meditation, as it gives ample scope to sit inside. Based out of Bangalore, the company is geared up to serve customers in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and even Delhi. With the new e-commerce capabilities coming up, they will be delivering these bed nets across India.

This is one of the finest examples of how technology can be used to meet marketing needs. Technology has indeed got the power to alter consumer behavior. 

Now, sleep is indeed a Big Deal !!