Friday, November 26, 2010

An imagingary interview with Swami Vivekananda on Communication and Relationships!

He is perhaps the most sought after Swamiji. The media, the Kings, the general public are going crazy with his philosophy and preachings. After hours of waiting, I finally managed to get about 4 minutes to interview him. Excerpts.

Why do you think people are so mad about Religion?
Ans. They are not. They are mad about their own life. The products you buy, the job you do, the girl you marry- are all about your life.

Q. Why do they listen to you?
Ans. I give clarity. Life is complex and religious books are far more complex. I make it simple.

Q. Who is your target audience?
Ans. The youth. They are today dis-illusioned and need a robust support to go ahead and make it big in their life. We need to move as a nation.

Q. Why was "sisters and brothers of America" intro at the Parliament of Word Religions so awe-inspiring for people?
Ans.Because I meant it when I said it. Remember, this slogan was used in the conference 7 times by others before I addressed it.

Q. Why are political authorities attracted to you?
Ans. Earlier each King was associated with a person who was well versed in interpretation of scriptures for governance. In a decentralised environment, it is the authorities who do governance. But there is no person to guide them in the right direction. I just happen to fill that vacuum.

Q. Do you advocate celibacy for others also?
Ans. No, not at all. I am all for pro-creation.

Q. Then why are you practicing it? Wouldn't you be better off with a wife?
Ans. My mission and path are too difficult for a family venture.

Q. What do you say about live-in relationships?
Ans. It's nothing new. Ancient days had similar relations albeit in a different form. However, people need not be so scared of getting married.

Q. People are after profits, who will serve the nation?
Ans. Profits are the results of Karma. They are not bad. The goal is to manifest divinity through work or worship or psychic control or philosophy. As for the nation, the next big profits will be through human service.