Saturday, April 16, 2011

Single sports mania is so Un-Indian!

Let me be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the India-Pakistan match in the WC. There is no doubt cricket is the most dominating sports in India. But it’s simply un-Indian and very unlike India. Can we imagine idli-sambar being the most loved breakfast across India? Or “Paneer Mutter” being the most popular gravy of India? Nope. The same goes with our clothing, language, culture and all the diverse nuances that India is known for. But when it comes to sports, the heavy tilt towards cricket is unbelievable. Not only the people but even the Government and media are skewed towards this game. The un-briddled attention that it gets makes it sound to the young boys that it’s the only game worth playing.

In my childhood, we used to play a variety of games, many of whom were kind of local inventions. They encouraged us to think creatively, use all our skills and faculties and help us understand our strengths and weaknesses. Today I see almost every boy running around with a bat and a ball. The imagination begins and ends with that game. This is definitely not a healthy trend for the sports diversity of India. The Govt. should take steps to ensure that even other games get their due attention. This will be in the interest of all the youngsters whose power of knowledge, skills and imagination is just taking wings. A well diversified sports-engaged nation is the beginning of a truly healthy India.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Google +1 : An open invitation to Black Hat SEO?

It is quite ironic that Google +1 comes in the backdrop of the penalty from Federal Trade Communication(FTC) on the Google Buzz issue. The very fact on which Google Buzz got nailed down upon, is the new marketing fact that will drive Google +1. It is a tool that will now "with a consent", open your private browsing patterns to the whole world. Sneakers like Govt., competitors, rivals( personal and professional) will soon see what you have seen.

The question now is how Google is planning to control the flip side of this tool by black hat SEO guys. These guys will create fake Google profiles, search for their favorite results and start +1. And if Google starts taking the +1 markings into their ranking algorithm, it will surely impact the SERPs adversely.

With Google Buzz issue still fresh like an unhealed wound and in its rush to compete with Twitter and Facebook, we should hope Google will not jump guns in the matter of +1.