Monday, November 09, 2009

An imaginary interview with Mahatma Gandhi on Strategy and Innovation!

The movement to free India from the clutches of the British raj is growing by the day. At the centre of this movement is Mr.Mohandas K Gandhi, fondly called Baapu and widely known as Mahatma. We have all seen how tight lipped and arrogant are the people who seem to enjoy so much of attention from people, media and the authorities. I met up this man, dressed in Khadi dhoti and sitting behind the rolling Charkha.

You recently closed the "Freedom through Violence" product line? What's the idea?
Answer: You see, there was no strategic fit for the unit in the Congress. It had started cannibalising into our existing market share.

Q. But Mr.Bose says his objectives are the same as yours and you are being lame to admit it
Answer: The point is not in the objectives. It's about the tools you use to achieve them. We use non-violence and so far our market share has only increased through it, thus bringing us closer to getting the deal ( read Independence). Let's admit it, Indians do not have it in their blood to be violent enough to get this deal.

Q. Why do you think the western media is paying so much attention to you?
Answer: They simply can't believe a man dressed so soberly can speak such good English and create a revolution.

Q. Talking about Mr.Nehru, how indisputable is your leadership?

Answer: Mr.Nehru is our PR guy and an urban face. He liasons with the British and also spreads a strong word of mouth among the fast growing segment - the "English speaking Indians". Being a Chairman, I need to support my CEO.

Q. The freedom struggle is revolving around the same messaging viz., the injustice of the authorities and calling for a ban on several of the laws and by-laws. Do you think the communication has turned cliched?
Answer: Yes, I agree. All these days, we had people extending issue-based suport. So we had many divisions protesting against by-laws and other injustices of the British Raj. But we are now working on a new nation-wide campaign. It's called "Quit India". It will be launched soon. We are tapping every segment of the society with this campaign. Since it has a universal theme to it, the message will cut across the entire target audience.

Q. It appears the freedom movement is in its final stage. How soon do you think India will be free?
Answer: India will never be free.

Q.What? But aren't you fighting for it yourself?
Answer: Yes, and we will be free from the British raj. But what about freedom from poverty, anarchy and social imbalance?

Q. One last question. Why such a frugal clothing?
Answer: Sometimes to be for the people, you have to be of the people.

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