Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is it time for an MBA in Political Management and Governance in India

If there is any job in India for which you apparently need no qualification whatsoever, it is being a POLITICIAN. But the times are changing and Parties are realizing that more the candidates are educated and equipped to handle the situation, the better it is. In fact, most of the parties have now employed highly placed lawyers to front face media. The likes of Arun Jaitley, Manish Tiwari, Lekhia are all lawyers. Added to this the recent events in AAP have clearly indicated that candidates need some kind of a formal training in Governance and Administration.

No matter what the route to politics is, once elected, the leaders have the same goal of delivering a greater common good. We already have MBA in Marketing, HR, Finance, Systems, Productions and more in India. It is time to introduce MBA in Political Management. It can bring together the elements of all the existing streams plus give a special focus on Governance. Aspirations of people are endless, managing them smoothly without hurting or creating ill-will in the society is the need of the hour. Are our Universities and Institutions listening?