Monday, November 16, 2009

What could be the Next Possible Innovation of Twitter?

Now that text form of Twitter is so popular, I thought I will put myself into the shoes of a product manager at Twitter and come up with at least 3 possible innovations that Twitter may be working on.

1. Photo Tweet

It's self explanatory. Just like the 160 character limit, the size and dimension of the photos can have a limit.

A possible Photo Tweet may look like this,

2. Video Tweet

Again self explanatory. But just a slight twist. The video file has to play then and there and within 60 seconds. Otherwise the Tweet will not fit into the overall brand of Twitter as a "quick read and move on" type of service

A possible Video tweet may look like this.

Infact this Video Tweet has the potential to change the very face of Advertising.

3. Who is Online

A quite often used feature in messengers and email systems. Can add sufficient value in terms of interaction.

A possible appearance may be like this,

Thinking about some more....will update soon.

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