Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Rahul Gandhi a humble yet over rated Politician?

Anybody reading the newspapers regularly will tend to agree!!!

Almost every other day, the newspapers, the television and the scores of sites go gung-ho about this 39 year old politician. For a fact, Rahul Gandhi, has not even got half the experience of say Kapil Sibal, Kamal Nath, S.M.Krishna or any other politician. However, he seems to enjoy the most attention because of obvious reasons.

The entire Congress leadership places on him an aura of competence and integrity that is simply unbelievable. There can be no dispute that young leaders need to join politics and start taking the lead. But India being such a complicated country, needs to be led by a politician who has deep knowledge of history, economics, politics and has a proven track record in public service. Rahul Gandhi has none of them.

That brings me to the last point. Why is he so humble? Is he really such a good nature by person as he appears to be from the media reports. Or is it his ignorance of matters that makes him so? Is that also the reason why he keeps refusing the top post. Looked at from a marketing angle, he appears like a new product launch which is undergoing a learning curve. Shall we say 'All the Best'.

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