Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BBC Campaign - Localising to Globalise

A recent BBC Cammpaign really caught my eyes hard. Apparently the slightly dark red colour of the BBC Logo catches quite sharply and its hard to resist it. However, the text reads "SEE BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY". It raises several questions. Firstly, about the news market and in particular about the market for International news. At what stage is the market for International news. Is it different for different regions of the world? Is it at the "product promotion" stage, where usually the product is promoted before actually promoting the brand itself.

Looking at the ad it does appear that BBC is taking that view. It assumes that the appetite for International news needs to be increased before taking on the brand positioning. Infact the ad serves well to illustrate the need to watch an International news.

Another trend in the ad is also reflective of the world view of BBC. BBC has finally managed to come out of its U.K. legacy trap and has started localising its communication and also the content to trap each individual region. A perfect example of "GOING GLOBAL AND STAYING LOCALLY RELEVANT".

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